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HDPE Road Barrier White

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Al Bassam HD Road Barriers are scientifically designed with latest technology and are manufactured using tough molded High Density Polyethylene. With the biggest and latest machinery, we are the first company to introduce HDPE Road Barriers throughout UAE. With past experiences and taking into UAE weather conditions, these HD Road barriers are designed with high stability to withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions of UAE with longer life span than low density. It is easy to carry, transport, stack, store compared to traditional concrete barrier. One person can easily move and empty barrier into position. The simple molded male-female pin system allows road barriers to be tightly interlocked for extra strength and can rotate 180 degree.

AED 168.00/-


There are lots of reasons why plastic road barriers are in great preference over customary concrete barriers. In order to completely comprehend ultimate uses of plastic road barriers, here are some of its benefits:

  • Can be filled with water for extra weight and firmness
  • Air Passage Hole makes it easy to stand stiff on the highways
  • UV Resistant, Flexible & Tough, Easy Mobility, High stability & Endurance
  • Longer life span than Low Density
  • It is produced from hollow plastic structures and formed with polyethylene.
  • They are produced with amazing functions of portable and lightweight.
  • Furthermore, they gain additional constancy and potency from being filled with water.


Type Height cm / الارتفاع /سم Length cm / الطول /سم Width cm / العرض /سم Bottom Width / cm  Weight(kg) / الوزن
1 82 229 17.5 40 13-14KG
2 104 229 17.5 40 Minimum 30KG


Road Barrier

Road Barrier