Solar Heater

200 Liter Solar Water Heater

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Solar Energy is absolutely the cleanest and most powerful energy in the world. This technology helps to save electricity and helps for greener environment. Solar Water Heater works without electricity from sunlight with the help of vacuum tubes. Back up electricity is available in this heater.

AED 6,825.00/-


These heaters are to be fixed on the roof with a separate pipe connected directly to bathrooms. For more quality results, customers are advised to use insulated pipe by rock wall / glass.

Vacuum Tubes:

Vacuum tubes are those which absorbs solar light & converts it to heat for use in heating water directly.

Vacuum tubes have many characteristics such as:

  • Heavy duty in all seasons particularly in winter.
  • High anti-frost resistance.
  • High capacity of heat absorption even in cloudy days.
  • Great savings on electricity.
  • Relatively small size and light weight.
  • Permanent high output.
  • Strong resistance to wind due to spaces between the tubes.


Storage Tanks:

Storage tanks are fixed on top of vacuum tubes which have condenser to heat the inside tank. It is available in three capacities; 200 L, 250 L & 300 L.

Storage Tank Capacity

200 Lit

250 Lit

300 Lit

Number of Vacuum Tubes




Insulation Thickness

50-60 mm

Tank Diameter

560 mm

Vent Connection

½ inch

Water Connection

¾ inch